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UPDATE: Karuna is permanently closed. 


It is with a spirit of contemplation and a tinge of sadness that, due to the uncertain nature of the pandemic, Karuna was unable to endure a sustained closure of non-essential businesses as ordered by Oregon Governor Kate Brown in response to COVID-19. Karuna vacated it’s SE Hawthorne Blvd location on May 1st.


It was a great five year run and it couldn't have happened without you, our wonderful customers and friends~ May your contemplative practice bring much benefit to the world!

Yours in the cultivation of compassion and sanity ~ Anandi


Karuna, a "Boutique For The Mindfully-Minded" is located at 1725 SE Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, Oregon. We are committed to providing a variety of high quality meditation cushions and supplies to support health & wellness, spiritual growth and stress reduction. In addition to our meditation and contemplative lifestyle products, we also offer massage therapy on-site by appointment. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is any way we can improve our service to you. Thank you for your patronage.

Find Your Seat

There’s nothing more important than a proper seat when meditating. Now there’s a convenient way to purchase a wide selection of meditation cushions locally. Shoppers are able to enjoy the space provided at Karuna to try a variety of cushions and see which one fits their body best.  Most of the cushions are produced regionally and the Karuna brand cushions are made right here in Portland, Oregon!

What Is Contemplative Living?

Karuna means compassion in Sanskrit. Specifically, it means to alleviate suffering. At Karuna, we believe that a contemplative life is about taking occasional breaks from doing, cultivating a sense of wonder and curiosity about ourselves and the environment around us through simple observation. When we do that, we understand the human condition, reducing our sense of seperation and isolation. As Pema Chodron puts it, "Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity." So, let's all take a pause -for world peace, for inner peace- through contemplation and meditation.