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Karuna Contemplative Living

1725 SE Hawthorne Blvd 

Portland, OR

(971) 229-0565



Tues-Fri 10am-4pm

Saturday 11-5

Sundays & Mondays by appointment


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Our Story

Sitting in meditation can sometimes be challenging. It is so important to be comfortable. One could say that, having found a comfortable posture, meditation becomes effortless. I was teaching a program on meditation and asked participants if they had a meditation cushion at home. Nobody did. That's when I found my calling! To supply cushions to people so they didn't have to fold up a pillow or bruise their ankles while their folded legs sat on the hard floor. My mission is to supply the Portland community with cushions that are designed  for the very purpose of contemplation and meditation which brings excellent quality practice!

Anandi Gefroh -Owner, Karuna Contemplative Living

Anandi Gefroh has been practicing meditation for 35 years and is an authorized meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.  She has been guiding meditators and teaching programs at the Portland Shambhala Meditation Center for fifteen years. Anandi started Karuna in 2011.



Wesley Burden LMT OR#21310

Five years ago, a pinched nerve and a numb thumb inspired Wesley’s already growing curiosity with the healing power of sound. Attending massage school at the Pacific School of Awareness & Bodywork on the island of Kauai only deepened his desire to find a way to effectively reduce the stress and tension which accumulates in our bodies from our day to day living. The result is SomaWave Therapy – a sound treatment which allows one to experience deep relaxation and peace of mind, either at home or as part of a massage session with a licensed massage therapist. 


Stephanie Lavon Trotter, LMT OBMT #18138

Stephanie blends her healing energy with deep tissue massage, integrating active and passive stretching, fascial work and breath work. Graduating in April 2010 from Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in Seattle, Stephanie has focused on impacting a community through alternative health care. She is actively expanding her massage education and touch by attending workshops and training courses, eager to provide her clients with new aspects of bodywork.

In addition to her bodywork, Stephanie is a classically-trained vocalist, composer, and improvisor, who creates unforgettable performance-happenings. She has her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, and teaches Sound, Performance, and Vocality.

After furthering her artistic practice on the East Coast, she has recently returned to the Pacific NW, and has a massage studio in SE Portland.