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One Breath At A Time

March 11, 2020

I've noticed how addicted I can get to social media. To a certain extent I need to use social media for the shop. In today's internet driven world, it has become an invaluable tool for marketing and promotion. Nevertheless, there are times when I find myself getting distracted away from my main purpose, leading me down a rabbit hole of entertainment, wanderings and, yes, politics. Addiction is a force that is easy to succumb to because once an unhealthy pattern starts it becomes a habit. In Alcoholics Anonymous they often say "One day at a time." I like that slogan. It keeps you in the moment, which is all we have. If you are a meditation practitioner there is another motto that could be equally effective. One breath at a time. One. Breath. At. A. Time. Break those ties to distraction that bind your spirit and soar into the moment of that which exists every minute of your life. The air that moves in and out of your body like our own personal anchor, keeping us moored to this life. Beautiful, bountiful breath.

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