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Karuna Rotating Art Wall

Karuna's rotating art wall features a different artist every month with a reception usually in the first week. Contact us for more information.


 2018 Artists


January: Mark Hashizume


2017 Artists


January: Mark Hashizume

February: Lloyd Lindley

March: Linda Denning

April: Wesley Burden

May: Mira Scalpone

June: Mary Garvey (http://www.shimmeringsisterhealingarts.com)

July: Kathy Wertz

August: Arielle Star

September: Jurney Leigh

October: Deb Kuprunas

November: Tania Osipova Harrison

December: Beth Lorio


2016 Artists


January: Joel Turner

February: Lubosh Cech

March: Patrick George

April: Shawn Brannan

May: Amy Livingstone

July: Martin Heltai

September: Suzy Bennett

October: Kathy Wertz

November: Jay Stewart

December: Tania Osipova Harrison



2015 Artists


June: Linda Denning

July: Deb Kuprunas

August: Jay Stewart

September: Mary Garvey (http://www.shimmeringsisterhealingarts.com)

October: Prajwal Vajracharya; Newar Art Collection

November: Yael Routtenberg

Conscious Living Academy

Karuna partners with Conscious Living Academy, a great conscious and contemplative living resource.

Portland Meditation Community Listing



Portland Shambhala Center

11110 SE Alder St
(503) 231-497



Dharma Rain Zen Center
8500 NE Siskiyou St
Portland, OR 97220



Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple

6401 NE 10th Ave




Maitripa College

1119 SE Market




The Movement Center

1021 NE 33rd Ave

(503) 231-0383



Portland Insight Meditation

6536 SE Duke St
(503) 771-4123



Portland Friends of the Dhamma

1404 SE 25th Ave



One House of Peace 



 Pause Meditation