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Karuna's Product List

Welcome to the Products page~ Karuna strives to carry affordable, high quality cushions. We also try to sell local or regional, fair trade and environmentally friendly products, with many products made by Portland area artisans and businesses. The Karuna brand zafus and zabutons, which are made in Portland, are available for online shipping. Other cushions can be shipped also so please inquire with us if you prefer that to coming into the shop. As for our other items, such as jewelry, clothing, books & singing bowls, there tends to be frequent changes and upgrades to our stock, so please visit the shop for those or give us a call (or email) if you are looking for something specific. Thanks and enjoy our "boutique for the mindfully-minded"!

Buckwheat Zafu

Available in assorted colors. This cushion has a convenient zipper to remove or refill filling if needed. $63

Buckwheat V-shape Zafu

V-shape cushion. Buckwheat hull-filled. Available in an assortment of colors including black and plum. $71

Gaiam Zafu

This cushion has a convenient zipper to remove or refill buckwheat hull filling if needed. Available in black, blue and purple. $60

HAH Zafu

These specially designed cushions are filled with millet hulls for a perfect mold of your seat. Embroidered with a knot of eternity and available in the six chakra colors. $60

Buckwheat Zen Pillow

"Zen Pillow" Buckwheat hull-filled. Available in black, plum ($71) and caramel lotus ($83).


Crescent Kapok Zafu

Available in burgundy & grey.  $60

Wool Spiral Zafu

New Product! Spiral zafus from Juniper Birch Textiles, a woman-owned small business in Portland. Each cushion is lovingly created with wool scraps from Pendleton Woolen Mills and tied together with hemp yarn. Available in a variety of patterns and prices.

Karuna Decorative Zafu

A zafu with personality! Karuna brand pattern zafu, made in Portland.  Wool filling. This cushion has a convenient zipper to remove or refill filling if needed. $60


Zenworks Buckwheat Zafu

Available in black & burgundy. Two sizes. Made in Oregon. $60/$90



Our Gomdens are made by Samadhi Cushions in Vermont. They are 18" x 12.5 and 6" high. The best way to use them is to sit squarely in the middle of the cushion. With an upright posture and legs loosely crossed, this cushion alleviates pressure to the ankles and legs allowing for a balance similar to a backless chair. Available in a variety of colors.  $86




V-shape Crescent Zafu

V-shape zafu. Wool filled. Available in an assortment of colors. Good when you need just a little support. $75


Folding Meditation Bench

Available in a selection of cover colors. Folds for easy transport. Two sizes. $83

Seiza Meditation Bench

Seiza meditation bench. Two sizes. Made in Oregon. $70


Inflatable Travel Zafu

ZenAir Inflatable meditation cushion. Available in burgundy and black. Made in Oregon. $50


Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat hulls for refilling your tired buckwheat cushion. $8 per pound.

Support Cushion

Support Cushions are set on top of a meditation cushion in order to heighten. Sizes are 12" x 18" and 15" x 15." Particularly helpful for taller people. Available in black, burgundy and royal blue. $55


Yoga Bolsters

Beautifully designed yoga bolsters by Minga Lily. $108

Singing Bowls

A variety of wonderful singing bowls!

YOGA -Mats, Blocks, Straps & Blankets

Yoga supplies available in a variety of brands and colors including hybrid eco mats, recycled foam blocks, blankets and hemp straps.

Glass Candles

Fabulous Firelight glass candles available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ranging is price from $18-$33 each. Each candle comes with a wick, funnel and instructions. Lamp oil available seperately for $11.

Jewelry, Malas & Gemstones

A selection of finely crafted earrings, necklaces and malas. A wide variety of gemstones, crystals, geodes, abalone shells and more. 


Original artwork from around the globe printed on cards by Redbubble. We also carry beautiful cards printed from original works by Portland artist Mary Garvey.


Books for the mindfully-minded!

Comfortable Clothing

Karuna carries a selection of comfortable clothing perfect for yoga, meditation and everyday use. Currently carrying pants, shirts, skirts and dresses from Sure Design, IndiElla, Global Girlfriend, ManyWeathers, HAH brand and Synergy Organics.